1. Why should I hire a Feat Group employee?

If you are seeking temporary or full-time employees, The Feat Group offers trained professionals to suit any position your company may require. Our strategic screening process gives us a definite advantage at providing skilled craftsmen for your project.


2. Does The Feat Group service all industries?

We service construction, mining, healthcare, refineries, chemical, engineering and general industries.


3. How do you determine the bill rates for each staff member?                                                                                                                  

The amount we charge will depend on how much we are paying the employee and the extent of the project. We utilize a Craft Compensation Strategy Survey to ensure that we attract and maintain manpower with competitive rates.


4. How long do projects typically last?

Project times vary. It fully depends on what the client needs.


5. What positions can I find using your staffing?

TFG provides a wide range of staffing positions industry wide.


6. How much notice do I have to give API prior to inspection?

Once an agreement is met between TFG and the Client, at the least, a 48 hour notification would be needed. However, we understand emergencies, they will be handled on a case by case basis.


7. Do you perform onsite testing?

Yes, TFG can perform onsite testing if a client should want to request this service.